Easy Homemade DIY Sangria Fruity Popsicle Recipe

Sangria Fruity Popsicles

What's more refreshing than a frozen fruity popsicle?  One that has wine in it!  This sangria popsicle recipe is a favorite amongst get-togthers in the summer time since it's cool fruity taste makes you feel happy and relaxed.  This is also a good recipe for kids, just leave the wine part out
What you'll Need:
Popsicle mold and Sticks (check out molds and some fun sticks here)
Blender (if you make baby food, the Babycook works wonderfully since it cooks and blends)
White or Red wine
Gala Apples
Pineapples (or BodyArmour Tropical Coconut drink or pineapple juice)
  1. Wash all fruits.
  2. Dice and puree the fruits. When I make these I also made food for my son so I used the Babycook with water where it steamed the fruits then you blend them for as smooth as a texture as you want (I add the wine after I'm done with his food).  You should be able to blend the fruits without cooking them, just add water (if you want less sweet), pineapple juice (more sweet/fruity), and/or wine a little at a time until you get the consistancy and taste you want.  Only warning is to try and not add too much liquid making it too thin and not as tasty or "watered down" of a popsicle.
  3. If you want chunks then leave some of the diced fruits out of the blender and add to the molds when you have them filled before freezing.  Also if you want super sweet popsicles you can add sprite or just add sugar to the fruit mixture.
  4. Once pureed, add to the molds until you fill the top.  Make sure if you are using a cavity mold put the sticks in before filling the cavities up.
  5. Freeze for 3 hours or more.

There are many different ways to do this recipe.  You can use pretty much any fruits you want and any wine you want, it just depends on how sweet you want them and what fruits you like. 

You can also purchase freezer pop bags and fill them up with a funnel instead of doing it ice cream bar style.  

Let me know if you tried this and any suggestions and your thoughts on it!

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