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Blogs with our recipes and other useful kitchen information :)

If you like soups and/or cooking with venison/wild game meats, then you will like our recipe blogs!  Soups are my favorite since you can add your own flare to them, they are easy to experiment with, there's a huge variety of soups you can make, they usually are healthy, and soups can last you for days (sometimes a week) since you can easily make big batches at a time.  And if you mess up with the experiment, you can generally fix it by adding some spices.  My only advice with soup is add a little bit of spices at a time, taste, then keep adding gradually until your preferred taste.  You will notice that for a lot of my soup recipes, I don't always have a measurement with spices and that's the reason why:  everyone is different when it comes to spice tastes.  Some like really salty, I do not.  It really is up to you and the people you are making it for so start light on the spices then build.

Check out our recipes and let me know your thoughts and any versions you have!  I'm always up for advice on making any of the recipes better.

In addition to recipes, I will also have blogs on kitchen gadgets, utensil care, food gift ideas, the most useful kitchen gifts, and pretty much anything to do with kitchen and cooking I will probably have a blog about.