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This collection features all handmade tools and accessories like the wood spoons, wood utensils, ceramic bowls, ceramic juicers, wood cutting boards, ceramic coffee cups, crocheted pot holders, etc.

The cooking utensils and cutting board are all wood burned by hand and can be personalized if you want your kitchen tools to have an extra personal touch.  You can purchase the spoons individually or in sets.  All ceramic items were hand thrown on potter's wheel.  

These handmade kitchen/cooking tools make great housewarming and/or wedding gifts!  And you are supporting local artisans.  Custom orders are always welcome!

26 products found in Handmade Kitchen Tools and Accessories

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Wood Cooking Utensils Set: Farmhouse Theme
  • $49.99
Handmade Birch Tree Mug
  • $34.99
Wooden Cooking Spoon: Sunflowers with optional custom quotes
  • From $11.99
Americana (red, white, and blue) Crocheted Pot Holder/Hot Pad
  • $6.99
Blue Ceramic Citrus Juicer
  • $29.99
Coffee Wooden Scoops
  • From $6.99
Wooden Cooking Spoon: Funny Thanksgiving Turkey with Autumn Leaves
  • From $10.99
Wooden Cooking Spoon: Bumblebee Be Happy
  • From $11.99
Green Ceramic Berry Bowl and Colander
  • $32.99
Brown Crocheted Pot Holder/Hot Pad
  • $6.99
Custom Wood Burned Cooking Spoon Set Wood Spoon The Handy Cupboard
Custom Wood Burned Cooking Spoon Set
  • $36.99
Pine Tree Wooden Cooking Spoon Wood Spoon The Handy Cupboard
Wooden Cooking Spoon: Pine tree with roots
  • From $11.99
Wooden Cooking Spoon: Oh for Fork Sake
  • From $10.99
Maple Wood Cutting Serving Board: Farmhouse Decor
  • $32.99
Wooden Cooking Spoon: Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers
  • From $11.99
Wooden Cooking Spoon: Home State
  • From $11.99
Wood Sunflower Spoon Wood Spoon The Handy Cupboard
Wooden Cooking Spoon: Rise and Shine Sunflower Spoon
  • From $11.99
Brown and Green (Forest) Crocheted Pot Holder/Hot Pad
  • $6.99