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How We Help: Charities

One of the goals of The Handy Cupboard is to contribute to society by donating and volunteering for charities that involve combating the world's food and hunger crises.  As a customer, you are helping by simply buying any of our products since a portion of your purchases goes toward a humanitarian effort. 

At the end of every month, we take our total profits and give 10% of those profits to one of the charities listed below.  10% isn't much, but once our business grows more, we plan to donate more. 

We interchange the charities each month so we don't put all our eggs in one basket; each charity helps in a different and unique way and we want to make sure the money is used in the best way possible.  If you have a preference of a charity that's not listed, just let us know and we will accommodate your donation.  Just let us know.  

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Below are links to the three charities if you'd like to do more research for yourself.

1.  Nechama Disaster Relief (

        The owner/artist of The Handy Cupboard (Jen) has volunteered with this group several times.  Jen first heard of them when her home state of West Virginia was hit with record breaking floods in the summer of 2016.  Between volunteering with Red Cross and other disaster relief programs, Nechama was the most effective, efficient, and hardworking group of people she had ever worked with (and still does to this day when she has time).  Nechama travels all over America where ever disaster hits.  Although they specialize in disaster clean up and relief, they also provide food to such areas where disaster has devastated an area which is why The Handy Cupboard is passionate about supporting this charity group.  

2.  Feeding America (

         During high school, Jen volunteered with the Mountaineer Food Bank in West Virginia that is a part of Feeding America either by donating food or helping organize. This program provides food to hungry families domestically and locally.  If you have a local food bank that you'd like The Handy Cupboard to donate to after your purchase, just let us know.

3.  Action Against Hunger (

         Although Jen hasn't directly volunteered with this group, she has heard amazing things about it by friends and colleagues who have.  This group is a global humanitarian group that helps communities have sustainable food, water, and sanitation.  

Thank you!