About Us

The Handy Cupboard is a small woman-owned business that strives to help in the fight against world hunger by providing people with useful, unique, and fun kitchen items. Our kitchen gadgets are meant to help you cook your favorite meals in a simpler way while our handmade products are meant to make your day a little more uplifting.   We want to make people’s lives a little better by providing customers with useful products and by donating a portion of our profits to humanitarian efforts.  It makes us happy to see you (and others) happy!

Our products are great for any level of cook and they all would make great housewarming or wedding gifts!  From fruit cutting devices to a custom wood burned utensil holder with wood burned spoons, we've got you covered.  

In addition to kitchen tools, we also provide unique pantry foods that are either meant as comfort foods or as emergency food supplies that have long shelf lives.

The overall mission of The Handy Cupboard apart from providing quality kitchen/pantry products is to contribute to society by donating and volunteering for charities involving food and hunger issues, globally and domestically.  For every purchase a person makes, a portion of the purchase goes towards one of three charities (Feeding America, Action Against Hunger, and Nechama Disaster Relief).  All three charities involve combating the earth's food and hunger problems in some way.  More information about each charity is on our "combating hunger" page.

Meet the Artists

The Handy Cupboard has a unique selection of various items that are handmade by locals:  Woodworking, Wood Burning, and Pottery.  Here is a list of the artists and a little bit about them.

Wood Burning and Crocheting by Jennifer Ball.  All the wood burned and crocheted items were done by hand by the owner of The Handy Cupboard, Jen.  She first started wood burning in early 2016 and created a company called Country Roads Pyrography a year later selling a vast range of home decor items online and at local craft shows.  The Handy Cupboard reflects all of the kitchen related items that Jen makes.  If you'd like to see the other wide range of items she wood burns, check out her Facebook, Instagram, or Etsy shop (CountryRoadsPyro).  In addition, Jen has been crocheting for over a year and has displayed some of the crocheted items along with the wood burnings at craft shows.  

Woodworking by Dan Scott.  Most of the items that are wood burned on were made by local woodworker Dan Scott.  The utensil holders and recipe boxes were made by him while the wood burned designs were done by Jen.  Dan and Jen met at their local woodworking club (Valley Woodworkers of West Virginia) in 2018 and exchange projects.  Dan currently specializes in making boxes and has an Etsy shop called Blue Sky Heartwood.  You can also contact him via Facebook under that shop name.

Pottery by Mandee Wilson.  Everything pottery was done by local artisan Mandee Wilson.  Mandee has been practicing on the wheel since 2018 after her husband signed them both up for pottery classes as an anniversary gift. She enjoys using pottery to express herself artistically, is influenced greatly by nature and utilizes the act of throwing clay as a meditative benefit. She was asked to display her work in 2019 at the Charleston Art Walk, however when COVID happened, the Art Walk did not happen. Luckily, the wonderful people in the Capital Center building on Capital Street are continuing to display her work in their window front and it is also for sale there as well.


If you have any questions about The Handy Cupboard please don't hesitate to email us at thehandycupboard@gmail.com.

Thank you!