Wholesale and Bulk Inquiries


Have an artisan or kitchen shop and want to sell some of our items?  The Handy Cupboard does offer wholesale pricing but only for our wooden products including:

  • wooden utensils (spoons, spatulas, scoops, etc)
  • wood utensil holder
  • wood recipe box
  • wood signs
  • wood slice magnets
  • wood cutting boards

For pricing and minimum order requirements please contact us by filling out the information below.  In the message section please provide the following:  Company Name, Person of Contact, Website, Email, Phone Number, and a small description of your store.  You can also email us directly at thehandycupboard@gmail.com, send us a message via social media, or send us a message on our Etsy shop.


Bulk Orders (orders in quantities of 10 or more)

If you are organizing a fundraising event or hosting a party and are interested in purchasing our items in bulk for a cheaper price in order to sell or giveaway, please fill out the below information.  In the message section please provide the following:  the event, info about the event (what it's for, when it is,etc), the purpose of the bulk order (for giveaways, to sell, gifts to co-workers, etc), and the website (if applicable). 

You can also email us at thehandycupboard@gmail.com or message us on social media/Etsy.  

Thanks for considering The Handy Cupboard in your store or for your event!


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