Homemade Ice Cream Bar Silicone Molds with Fun Popsicle sticks

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Want to make healthier, handmade popsicles that you and your kids will enjoy?  This ice cream bar mold makes it easier to make the perfect popsicle.  Also comes with food grade wooden popsicle sticks that have wood burned quotes on them just to make it even more fun. 

  • The mold is white and made of food grade flexible silicone. 
  • This is a 4 cavity mold that makes a popsicle size of approximately 2 inches across, 3.5 inches tall, and 0.7 inches thick.
  • The mold has a temperature resistance of -40 degrees to 230 degrees so it can be used to freeze for ice cream or bake for cake molds. 
  • Easy to clean.  Hand wash only with warm water and dish soap.  Do not use dishwasher.  

Choose at checkout how many wooden sticks you'd like if you want any from 0, 4, 16, 24, or 32.  Each stick has a fun quote on it that is wood burned by hand.  If you want your own quote or quotes on the sticks then send me a message.  The sticks can be custom ordered to what you like, you don't have to get what is pictured.  

If you purchased this item and run out of sticks, I have a separate order of just wood burned sticks if you wanted popsicle sticks with the wood burned quotes/designs.  The popsicle sticks are reusable.  

Any questions about this product or store just send an email at thehandycupboard@gmail.com.  Thanks :)


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